How To Become A DevOps Engineer In 9 Months

The demand for DevOps Engineers has increased recently as more organisations adopt DevOps to improve their software development and deployment processes. It has become a promising career opportunity with immense growth potential. According to Glassdoor, DevOps Engineers earn an average of 50,685 GBP in the UK. A DevOps Engineer brings the development and operations teams together by increasing cooperation, automation, and continuous delivery. DevOps is a methodology that emphasizes collaboration and communication between development and operations teams to improve the speed and quality of software delivery. It is a culture that promotes automation, continuous integration, and continuous delivery (CI/CD), and aims to break down the silos that exist between development and operations teams.

How long does IT take to become a DevOps engineer?

Many companies require a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field for DevOps engineer positions. Some employers prefer professionals with a master's degree, additional certifications, or more than five years of work experience in development.

A DevOps Engineer works alongside Developer and IT staff to oversee code releases. With DevOps, changes can make it to production faster, resources are easier to share, and large-scale systems are both easier to manage and maintain. The power of DevOps can only be fully realised when the organisation embraces how to become a devops engineer the values and principles of DevOps. I bet you are thinking “How do we keep up with the demand for new features and technologies, while maintaining stability and high performance? DevOps allows companies to focus on what truly matters, how to deliver maximum value to both customers and stakeholders.

Six reasons to become a DevOps Engineer

Which servers are there, how do they interact, where do the databases sit and how is it all monitored? Where can I look for answers when I get a production alert that says the server is on fire? Where is the bucket of water or wait, maybe the fire extinguisher? What you will discover here is how a Junior Developer became part of a team that practices Devops by preparing to take on on-call duties. You have developed problem-solving skills to navigate complex problem scenarios and find the right solutions.

how to become a devops engineer

To hone your soft skills for DevOps, focus on developing the following – and train yourself to build these skills. A recent “State of the Cloud” survey showed that almost every organization is using cloud at some level, with both public and private cloud adoption growing. Enterprise IT teams are taking a stronger role in cloud adoption, creating central cloud teams and Centers of Excellence. A principal DevOps engineer leads and plans development across large or multiple teams, defining the strategic vision for delivery. A lead DevOps engineer leads one or a small number of related project teams and contributes to the development of the strategic direction. There are 2 different roles at this level – a technical role and a management role.

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Learn how to master this open-source tool with Fortray’s online Ansible Foundation Training Course. DevOps Engineer topped the list of LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs of 2020. DevOps along with Agile is helping businesses increase their productivity, reduce the time to market for their products, and better Return on Investment . Evidently, more companies are willing to adopt DevOps practices and tools making DevOps Engineer a highly sought-after role. The DevOps Engineer certificate program is worked around an organized learning way suggested by industry specialists. You will gain admittance to 120+ live, teacher drove, online classes led via coaches who are specialists in the field.

  • If a career in DevOps interests you, but you don’t know where to start, we have a dedicated team who can help you find a new position and kickstart your apprenticeship.
  • Learn how to master this open-source tool with Fortray’s online Ansible Foundation Training Course.
  • Shailendra has over 15 years of analytics and data science experience across banking, telecom and retail industries.
  • Knowing this context, you’re able to empathise with the stakeholders, balance everyone’s priorities and ensure transparent communication so everyone has a common understanding of what’s being proposed and why.

Without learning any kind of programming language, it is impossible to become a DevOps professional. If you have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, you will already be familiar with programming languages and all the fundamental concepts in Linux. If not, you can get certifications from reputed training institutes.

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With the right skills and a DevOps certification, you can take your career to the next level. 2) Creating and maintaining the infrastructure and systems needed for software development and deployment, such as servers, networks, and cloud services. DevOps is a series of practices and processes that help organisations speed up and automate aspects of developing, testing, releasing and updating software. DevOps engineers are responsible for facilitating this by combining technical expertise with project management and communication skills. DevOps Certification Training Course will enable you to prepare you for a career in DevOps, a fast-growing field that bridges the gap between software developers and operations professionals. Learn the DevOps tools and methodologies with this online DevOps certification training and excel for your next role as a DevOps practitioner.

To my advantage it turned out we had a gap analysis for when we initially transformed to Devops. The list included abilities like logging into certain services, parse logs, reboot servers, applications, databases as well as familiarity with particular services. I have gathered some questions that can help you to come up with a gap analysis for yourself or your team at the end of this article. Whether or not you already have experience with AWS, it’s a really good idea to get AWS-certified before you start looking for a new remote job. AWS certifications will make your CV stand out and give you a competitive edge when applying for jobs. Californian software engineering services company Calsoft reported that in 2017, 78% of CIOs and CTOs considered implementing DevOps into their organisation (a 4% increase on 2016).

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